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Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations

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Our Office is located in the heart of Mineola, directly across  the street from the Nassau County Courts. Convenient location to all Courts, highways and railroads, Contact us for a free consultation.

Zealous Representation Against New York State Vehicle and Traffic Offenses

Driving is a part of many people’s daily lives. While most people drive carefully sometimes we neglect our best driving abilities and may get careless on the road. If you are facing a traffic violation, it will be helpful to work with an experienced lawyer.

Located in Mineola, at the Law Offices of David W. Haber we represent clients throughout Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island and New York City including the five Boroughs- Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island, who are facing traffic violations. In addition to the traffic offense at hand, we will address other outstanding traffic issues on your drivers license such as unpaid tickets and warrants.

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Various Types of Traffic Violations

While one or two traffic tickets may not seem like a big deal, they add up. Each conviction of a moving violation will add points to your license. If you receive 11 or more points in 18 months, you can lose your license. There can also be additional surcharges, fines and assessment fees. Resolving or clearing your license before you get to that point can save you unnecessary hardship. We represent clients who are facing a wide variety of traffic offenses, including:

The Role of Negotiation

Because the consequences of traffic convictions can be severe — including license suspension, increased insurance rates, fines and surcharges — negotiation is critical. Attorney David Haber is an experienced former prosecutor who uses his experience and




The Law Offices of David W. Haber

The Law Offices of David W. Haber represents clients throughout Long Island, New York, and the surrounding communities, including Long Island, Nassau, Hempstead, Mineola and Garden City, and in the following counties: Nassau County, Suffolk County (Central Islip, Riverhead, Hauppauge – Suffolk County Court Locations) and Queens County, NY.

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