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What the New Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency Means for You

Until April of this year, your only choice was to personally appear in court for non-criminal moving violations in Suffolk and Nassau Counties – because those types of violations could not be plea bargained. Your only option for legal representation in such violations was contingent upon the police officer showing up at the initial hearing, your entering a not guilty plea and then proceeding to trial. But things have changed.

How can I avoid appearing in court for non-criminal moving violations in Suffolk and Nassau Counties?

On April 1, 2013 the Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency (TPVA) opened its doors to drivers with non-criminal moving violations, red light tickets and parking tickets. The new agency allows motorists to hire an attorney to negotiate and resolve their cases without the need for the driver to personally appear.

Why is the new Suffolk County Traffic and Violations Agency better for motorists than the Suffolk TVB?

The new agency has changed the way most traffic tickets are prosecuted in Suffolk County. Previously, most tickets had to be marked for trial, there was no negotiation, and attorneys could not demand documents from the court or the police as is common in other courts.

Because of the new law and agency attorneys can now negotiate reductions, and request documents from the Court. The importance of this is that a skilled attorney may be able to get your Suffolk County speeding tickets and traffic tickets dismissed for failure of the court and/or police to provide these documents in a timely manner.

Why is it beneficial to have an attorney represent me in non-criminal moving violations in court in Suffolk and Nassau Counties?

First of all, some tickets require multiple appearances and take some time to resolve. Taking time off from work or school in order to appear will cost you time and money. Even if you are a stay at home mom or dad, you will have to pay for child care while you are in court. Our experienced New York traffic attorneys can skillfully negotiate and resolve your tickets without interrupting your schedule or your life.

Further, an attorney representing you at the TPVA is able to engage in plea bargaining to obtain point reductions and even dismissals of some moving violations. This is a big change from the previous practice which typically required you to go to a hearing if you wanted to challenge a ticket.

The Law Offices of David W. Haber can negotiate the best possible deal for you on tickets such as:

• Speeding
• No insurance
• No registration
• Following too closely
• Failure to signal
• Failure to maintain lane
• Most other moving violations

We want to help you to avoid or reduce points on your license, obtain the lowest fine possible, and avoid increases in your insurance rates. If you need time to pay a fine, we can request additional time to pay from the Court.

Before responding to a traffic ticket, talk to an experienced NY attorney

If you have received a ticket and are not represented by an attorney you should consider speaking with an experienced Suffolk County traffic attorney before responding to the traffic ticket. How you respond to a Suffolk County traffic ticket can determine whether you receive points against your driving record, pay a fine, or incur other penalties.

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